Hand-painted Batik Chakra Banner 7 Colors

These beautiful banners are hand batiked and hand painted in an elaborate and delicate process. The richness of color comes from the batiking process. Intricate designs are drawn on white fabric with a special hot wax pen. The fabric is put into a dye bath, then into hot water to melt the wax. Out it comes with the outlines which get filled in with hand-painting.

Made by Parwati, who also teaches young women the art of batiking which for centuries was a man's domain, forbidden to women. 

Each color corresponds to one of the seven chakras - our bodies' energy centres.

Red - Root Chakra 

Orange - Sacral Chakra

Yellow - Solar Plexus Chakra

Green - Heart Chakra

Blue - Throat Chakra

Indigo - Third Eye Chakra

Violet - Crown Chakra

  • 180 cm x 35 cm  (71 in x 14 in)
  • Bamboo hanger included
  • Hand-painted
  • Fair Trade
  • 100% Rayon

Santi is one of girl students sponsored by Social Gem. 50% of profit from the sale of these banners goes to pay for Santi's and other disadvantaged girls' education. This includes school fees (school is not free in many countries), uniforms, shoes and textbooks.

Please share this page on Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter. The more you share - the more we can help girls like Santi to go to school.

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