How Soul Jewelry Is Activated


The power of true Soul Jewelry lies in the inherent properties of its symbolic and natural components.

What makes our Soul Jewelry special is the Spiritual Energy of the Island Of The Gods - combined with the energetic source materials:

  • Sacred seeds of Ganetree, also known as Rudraksha, used in the Buddhist and Hindu 'Mala' prayer beads.
  • Lava beads from the holy mountain of Batur, believed to be the place where Gods reside at the temple of Besakih.
  • Ancient Symbols of protection, spiritual energy and connection to the Divine.
  • Crystals and organic beads such as wood, terracotta and glass.

The process of energy activation begins with the blessings bestowed upon Soul Jewelry by a Balinese priest in a special ceremony performed each month the most auspicious time.

The next stage of activation is the connection between the Power Object and You.

Activate the sacred energy by first spiritually cleansing the Object. This can be done by sprinkling it with salt, using incense or smudge stick, lightly rubbing with your favourite essential oil, or exposing it to sunlight or moonlight. Any of the above is suitable, choose the method that resonates with you, or has a special meaning to you.

Afterward the Object is ready to connect with your own soul and body energy. This happens naturally every time you wear it. There is no wrong way to do this. Soul jewelry brings your energy into harmony with it.