About Social Gem + FAQs

Social Gem makes ethical jewelry. 

What is ethical jewelry? 

1   We partner with women artisans who create our collections  

2   We sell online, in Pop-Up shops, in fair trade retail stores, and we partner with schools, churches and other groups for fundraisers.

3   50% of profits pays for education for girls whose parents can't afford to send them to school (school is not free in many countries)

4   We are a member of Fair Trade Federation and Green America 



What Is Fair Trade?

1.  Fair Trade is an organized social movement that offers fair trade agreements and pay to producers. In addition to paying a fair price, fair trade also puts money back into communities to help producers create sustainable businesses and meet community needs such as access to schools and safe drinking water. Additionally fair trade producers need to meet labor standards such as not using child labor and protecting the rights of women from workplace violence.

2.  There are thousands of fair trade products! If they have some type of Fairtrade certification they will be marked as such with a logo. Coffee, chocolate, tea, quinoa and soap are easy to find but you can also find fair trade certified produce, snack foods and hygiene items! Once you know what you're looking for you'll see them everywhere. We've found fair trade food at Costco and fair trade tea in the movie theatre!

4.  It costs more because it should! Years of purchasing products made cheaply because they use unfair labor have really messed up our view of how much things should cost. 

5.  It's the little things that make a big difference. The more we shop for fair trade, the more products we can expect to see available for purchase in our stores. If your store doesn't carry Fairtrade products, ask for them!


What is Social Enterprise?

Social enterprise is an innovative combination of business and changemaker. A typical business measures performance in profit and return. But Social Gem exists to fund education for girls in developing world. We measure the bottom line by the number of lives we change and the positive social impact we make. We are innovative, inspirational and intent on making a positive difference in the world.


How does my purchase make a difference?
Every time you purchase a fair trade item, you are helping reduce social economic inequality and the exploitation of workers in underdeveloped countries. Your purchase is your vote towards social justice. Fair trade products also make great gifts because they make others aware of the idea of fairness in the marketplace.

Does buying Fair Trade cost more than buying conventional products?
We work directly with producers, thus no extra money paid to middlemen. This way, we keep products affordable AND return a greater percentage of the price to the producers.

Are you a charity? 
No. We are a social enterprise. Social enterprises differ from for-profit businesses that merely promote social responsibility. While these businesses often support social change through their policies of corporate social responsibility, the company’s first goal remains to make a profit. A social enterprise, on the other hand, takes social change as its primary objective, and uses its profits to reach it.

Isn't it just a passing trend?
Fair Trade has been around for decades and growing stronger and bigger every year. Each time you give a fair trade gift, tell  the story behind that gift.  It means so much more than just a pretty trinket. 

How is a fair price calculated?
It is based on the effort put into making a product and on other factors such as the estimated living wage in different regions of the world.  Often social dividend is incorporated in the price as well.

Can I just donate some money?
We are not a charity. Here is why: (1) donations are a one-time thing, sometimes on-going, but always at risk of drying up;  (2) what message does that send to the recipients - when you're in need - ask for more handouts?  Our social business model of funding the program ensures long term sustainability.