Frangipani Recycled Tire Bracelet

Handcut from 100% recycled inner tubes from motorbikes and bicycles. 

The delicate Frangipani flower design belies the sturdy nature of the source material. Instead of ending up in the landfill poisoning the earth, it will always be a symbol of beauty that can come from trash. Guaranteed to last forever (or at least 5,000 years :)

  • Recycled
  • Fair trade
  • Ethical
  • Unisex
  • 1 mm thickness
  • 1.75" wide (4.5 cm) 

2.5" wide (6cm)  fits average 7" wrist size (17.5cm) - has 3 snap holes so it can also fit smaller wrist sizes of 6.5" and 6.25" (17cm and 16cm)

Santi is one of our girl students - sponsored by Social Gem. 50% of profit from the sale of this bracelet goes to pay for Santi's and other disadvantaged girls' education. This includes school fees (school is not free in many countries), uniforms, shoes and textbooks.

Please share this page on Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter. The more you share - the more we can help girls like Santi to go to school.

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