Purple Rain - Creativity

The purple tassell symbolizes the mystery of spirituality, creativity and the subconscious.

The combination of miniature crystals in purple and indigo, tiny turquoise seed beads, interspersed with freshwater pearls and gold cube beads stimulate creativity on the deep subconscious level.

Every month, during a most auspicious time, a Balinese Hindu priest blesses our Soul Jewelry in a traditional ceremony, before it is shipped to our warehouse. When you receive your chosen style, we recommend a simple ritual to activate this powerful energy.

  • 33 inch long, not including the
  • Tassel which is 3 in.
  • Fair Trade
  • Ethical
  • Crystal, Turquoise seed beads, Freshwater Pearls, Cotton Tassell
  • Lead free, Nickel free

Santi is one of our girl students - sponsored by Social Gem. 50% of profit from the sale of this necklace goes to pay for Santi's and other disadvantaged girls' education. This includes school fees (school is not free in many countries), uniforms, shoes and textbooks.

Please share this page on Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter. The more you share - the more we can help girls like Santi to go to school.

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