SOUL Jewelry

Soul Jewelry is hand-made by Balinese women artisans and  blessed by a Balinese priest in a special ceremony. 

What makes it powerful is the Spiritual Energy of the Island of The Gods combined with the energetic source materials.

    Best of all is the story of how it came to be...

    On my last trip to Asia, as always, I visited the families of the girls whose education is paid for by Social Gem. These are emotional visits and always end with heartfelt expressions of gratitude for helping their daughters have better lives through education. They have nothing, or very little, so in gratitude they give their prayers and offerings of flower, fruit and rice, blessed by Balinese Hindu priest. 

    Upon hearing that the money for their daughters' education comes from the sale of Social Gem jewelry, the family offered to ask their local Hindu priest to bless the jewelry for all the wonderful people whose purchases support girls' education (that means you!). 

    Lo and behold a beautiful Soul Jewelry collection. Every piece, the entire collection has been blessed at the local temple during the the most auspicious time for this ceremony.

    Thus we pass on the blessings to you in the form of these beautiful pieces of soulful jewelry, each infused with sacred female energy from the hands of the women, through the hearts of the girls to the moment it becomes yours.

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